V STEAM LUXURY BAR and PAMPER HER FEMININE CARE LINE was founded in 2019 by Breanna Brickford.
At a very young age Breanna knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur and help women while owning her own businesses. She was on her own since the age of 17 and became a single mother at 22. To her son Mark, whom was later diagnosed with autism.
 While working hard to keep a roof over her head, she did not get a chance to attend college but that didn't stop Breanna from achieving her goals. She still has all the drive and hustle to push herself. Breanna worked a mentally and physically demanding/draining job for over 4 years that became too time consuming. She couldn't continue to work, because she had little to no help with her son.

      Having a passion for women's wellness/health and wanting to help women after learning that so many suffered from chronic menstrual cramps, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, fibroids, odor and overall insecurity within their sacral,     Breanna set out to do research!

   Breanna discussed how a lot of people don't take into consideration all the odds women have against them when it comes to vaginal health. Diet, stress, partners, chemically infused women hygienic products, and so on. She believes natural herbs and the right ingredients help to detox the vagina and keep a healthy PH. Especially on a daily basis and that's where she connected with a great chemist to produce "Pamper Her". 

    Breanna's goal is to expand V Steam Luxury Bar across the United States and to make women more aware of Pamper Her products. Once they decide to try Pamper Her she promises that'll be the ONLY product they use for their yoni area. Breanna wants women to know that having a vagina is totally natural and she wants everyone to be comfortable talking about it. Its the new norm! 

As of January 2022, Breanna now owns 3 V Steam Luxury Bar locations!
Pamper Her is sold in over 15 different stores in the U.S!
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